Previous Work

The firm's capacity is founded on the Parabukas team's rich combined experience and diverse expertise over many years of international, domestic, and community-based initiatives.


Selected Projects 

ACT 2015: Designing the 2015 Global Climate Change Agreement | with support from the European Commission, the Climate Works Foundation and the Prospect Hill Foundation

National REDD+ System Philippines, Safeguards Component | DENR-GIZ

Lawyers for Community Tenure | Rights and Resources Initiative

Multi-stakeholder Assessment of the Future of Coal in the Philippines | Ateneo de Manila University

New Market-based Mechanisms Research Study: Thailand and the Philippines | with support from the Swedish Energy Agency through CPMA-Sweden

REDD+ Implementation: Advisory Support and Capacity Building | UN-REDD with support from FAO

REDD+ Safeguards Working Group | with support from the Ford Foundation

Legal Analysis Team for Decision-Makers in the UNFCCC | with support from the Climate Works Foundation


Selected Publications

As Author or Co-author

From Bali to Paris: The Global Regime on Climate and Tropical Forests and Its Implications on the Philippines. Ateneo Law Journal, 2018.

"Conserving and Enhancing Sinks and Reservoirs of Greenhouse Gases, including Forests (Article 5)," The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Analysis and Commentary. Oxford University Press, 2017.

More holistic approaches to agriculture needed: An analysis of party submissions to SBSTA 44 on adaptation and agriculture. Center for International Forestry Research, 2016.

Getting our Act Together: Climate Proofing our Development Agenda. AsoG and SSG Advisors, 2016. 

"History and Future of REDD+ in the UNFCCC: Issues and Challenges," Research Handbook on REDD-Plus and International Law. Edward Elgar, 2016.

Striking A Balance: Coal-Fired Power Plants in the Philippines' Energy Future (Policy Brief). Ateneo de Manila University, 2015.

The Political Economy of Corruption and REDD+: Lessons from the Philippines Pilot Sites. U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, 2014.

The 2015 Climate Agreement: Concepts and Considerations on its Legal Architecture (Working Paper)Agreement on Climate Transformation (ACT 2015), 2014.

Two Global Challenges, One Solution: International Cooperation to Combat Climate Change and Tropical Deforestation (Working Paper). Center for Global Development, 2014.

Building Consensus in the UNFCCC (Working Paper)Climate & Development Knowledge Network, 2013.

Climate Change and the Law: Issues and Challenges in the Philippines. Ateneo Law Journal, 2013.

Corruption Risk Assessment for REDD+ in the Philippines, and the Development of REDD+ Anti-Corruption MeasuresUN-REDD and Ateneo School of Government, 2013.

Climate Change: Issues, Problems and Challenges in the PhilippinesUniversity of the Philippines National College of Public Administration, 2012.

The Road to Doha: The Future of REDD-Plus, Agriculture, and Land-use Change in the UNFCCC. Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development, 2012.

The UNFCCC After Durban: Recognizing Limitations and Calling For a Multi-Track Approach to Climate Multilateralism and Action (Working Paper). Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development, 2012.

Legal Responses to the Environmental Impact of Mining. Philippine Law Journal, 2012.

“Mixed Signals: A Legal and Policy Review of Mining in the Philippines,” The Future of Mining in the Philippines. Ateneo School of Government, 2012.

Gender-Responsive Local Legislation. Lady Local Legislators’ League of the Philippines with SALIGAN, 2009.

As Contributor