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Para bukas. For tomorrow.

Parabukas envisions a world filled with societies that possess an earnest appreciation of the causes and impacts of climate change and environmental degradation – one where communities take concerted action to prevent and address these impacts, moving towards more sustainable development.

Environmental laws and policies play a central function in making this world a reality. Whether they are in place; whether they work, how well, and for whom; and whether they are understood and respond to real needs, are critical questions to ask.


Our mission is to demystify legal and policy issues around climate change, the environment, and sustainable development.

Parabukas is a young, boutique consulting firm that aims to enable and enhance understanding of complex legal language, concepts, and processes by decision-makers and stakeholders. Our goal is to contribute to improving inclusiveness and participation, ultimately empowering those most affected by environmental degradation and associated social problems to address them practically and effectively. 

We work in widely diverse contexts and at multiple levels, harnessing not only technical knowledge but also creative and collaborative approaches. Based primarily in the Philippines, we offer a distinct developing-country perspective in the extensive field of international environmental law.


Our Story

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Recognizing the wide space for engagement in areas where law and policy intersect with the environment and development, two Filipina lawyers founded Parabukas in 2015.

After years of working on multilateral environmental processes as well as national- and local-level engagements, development lawyers Aya de Leon and Niner Guiao realized that the disconnect between these domains of practice often resulted in half-baked solutions and misuse of resources. Meanwhile, people and communities bore the consequences but were seldom in a position to enact change.

In response, Niner and Aya established the firm as a practical way to apply their legal and policy expertise, equipped with a keen understanding of critical challenges related to climate, the environment, and development. They believe that working directly with stakeholders in international, domestic, and community contexts is key to achieving far-reaching and sustainable outcomes for all. 

Since its inception, Parabukas has grown into a small but dynamic team of professionals with distinct backgrounds and expertise. Their combined experience spans diverse concerns including climate change, energy, forests, biodiversity, resource management, mining, pollution, and waste management – as well as the closely related areas of gender, indigenous peoples' and local community rights, land tenure, human settlements, natural and cultural heritage, disaster risk reduction and management, planning, urban poverty, ecotourism, governance, and access to justice.